Friday, July 6, 2007

Get a Life!

I've been in the IT industry for the longest time. I started out 94' and beleive me. Its already getting into my nerves. And now as an IT contractor, I think this is a good time to do more non computer things. (Yeah right........i am still typing and using my computer! hehehe) At least the PC is now being used only as a tool to blog and not the actual work itself.

Guys, I wonder what sort of interests do you get into. Share what you want to share. No holds barred. Just.....please, no computer activities like computer gaming. video editing (another computer intensive stuff) or even reading your favorite books on a PDF file. It has to be another interest that you will not use a PC.

Revolutionize yourself. I advocate doing things without the use of a computer. (except for blogging-ha ha ha ha). Relax your eyes and unexpose yourself from radiation! Try to pretend its early 80s. PCs in those days are only for geek use and nothing else. What would you do?.................... The try to make it a reality, today. beleive me, it will change your life.

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Dr. Romerlito C. Macalinao said...

You have such a great taste for something that provokes the mind. I admire your openness. I think I might do a similar thing with a different twist. Keep it up bro and may you get satisfaction in all these and amuse a lot of people.